• Product Designer

Experience Range 2 - 6 Years

Job Description
About Us
We are a top 8 global IT services company with operations in 50+ countries. We offer an advanced portfolio of application, business process, cloud, and infrastructure services to businesses and governments worldwide. Our roots cross continents and cultures, dating back five decades. We've grown organically and decisively by acquiring some of the best IT services providers across the globe. This pedigree yields a characteristic special to NTT DATA: The opportunity of a global brand with the creative energy of a start-up. As a Global IT Innovator, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Innovation that makes an impact and improves business performance. Innovation that improves our clients' bottom lines. We're looking for innovators to join our team. NTT DATA Singapore PTE Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DATA Corp, a part of NTT Group, the world’s 65th Largest Company according to Fortune Magazine. The Singapore entity of NTT DATA is an S10 government-registered supplier and forms the core of NTT DATA’s APAC operations and is positioned as a gateway of our global capabilities in Singapore and APAC region.
Roles and Responsibility

What you'll be doing


You'll spend most of your time trying to simplify very complex products and ideas. It may be an uphill battle, but it's worth it. If you succeed, your designs will be experienced by millions and solve real-life problems. We say that, if you can work in a bank, you can work anywhere. Don't worry, we're a nice bunch of people. Around here, we go out of our way to help one another.


Here's what your week might look like

         You'll spend time with our wonderful research team. Together you'll try to understand the business goals of your project and, often meet the stakeholders to redefine the problem statement.

         Once you know where you're going, it's time to tackle the behemoth tech systems and legal restrictions of a bank. Your product manager will become your best friend. You'll get a crash course in finance law.

         We want to hire people who have opinions, believe in their ideas and are willing to fight for them. But we also want people who can recognise when a better argument or solution is put before them. All of us participate in user testing, and so will you.

         Like we said, producing good work is not good enough if it doesn't get built. We love you, Dribble/Behance. It's not you, it's us. You will meet stakeholders from different departments and articulate your ideas so clearly that you'll become an honorary Toastmaster.

         To prepare for those meetings you'll need to check the latest relevant data.

         Before you know it, it will be Friday and time for team dinner, drinks or Creative Day (we do something fun and creative together once a month).


Here are the experience and skills we'd love you to have

         You have at least 4+ years of experience in UI/UX Design. You have designed mobile apps, websites and wanted to bring your experience & expertise to get a bigger impact & influence. You're passionate on what you're doing.

         You work smart, organised and are ready to improve processes. You can work independently without too many guidance.

         You pay attention to details but also can zoom out and think holistically.

         You have confidence in your ideas and the ability to communicate them clearly.

         You can brainstorm the next big thing one moment and still tweak pixels right before launch.

         You have the ability to prioritise (you don't focus on polishing UI, perfecting prototype or illustrations if the UX looks like a love child between Frankenstein and Krusty the Clown).

         You put great deal attention in your craft without losing the big picture. You will design the journey and experiences that simple and elegant

         You have enough curiosity to stay savvy about industry and UX trends.

         You follow through—when built, your designs actually look and work like they should. You monitor products after launch and are ready to suggest improvements.

         You're an optimist person. You're team player and can work with more senior or junior designers.

Bonus points

         You have designed mobile apps and website that live in app/ playstore (for apps)

         You have experience in UX research

         You have experience in 3D, AR or VR design

         You like to coach or mentor junior designer

         You actively contribute to the design community


Recruiter Name Grace
Recruiter Email Id grace.chan@apac.nttdata.com
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